Rules and Regulation



ü  Students must respect teachers, prefects, workers, parents and members of the public at all times.  Failure to this the student will be punished.

ü  Bullying, fighting, taking of drugs and alcohol and smoking are offences that will lead to an automatic suspension.

ü  Mobile phones or other valuables e.g. cameras and iPods are not allowed in school. If found, the Administrators will confiscate them and will NEVER be returned to the student.


English or Kiswahili is the mode of communication within the school compound, the use of vernacular is strictly prohibited.  A student found speaking vernacular will be sent home to call the parent.


ü  Students are expected to keep themselves clean, smart and tidy in their full school uniform at all times if not the student will be punished.

ü  All students must have well kempt hair. Boys keep their hair short at all times and no beard or moustache.  If not, the student will be sent to the barber.  Girls should have their hair combed or cut.  They should not have treated hair in school.  Students with treated hair will be required to shave their hair.

ü  Students must wear games kit during P.E lessons and games time.  Students must also maintain their house colour given to them on admission.  Students will be punished if not in P.E kit during these times.

ü  Ornaments and make-up must NOT be worn in school.  If found, ornaments will be confiscated and the student made to wash the make-up and later undertake a punishment.


ü  The staffroom, Kitchen and HOD Offices are out of bound for students unless with permission.

ü  A student out of school must produce a signed and stamped leave out sheet upon demand, failure to this, the student will be considered to have sneaked out of school thus liable for punishment.

ü  Absenteeism will not be tolerated, parents will be called to school to explain the cause of absenteeism. Chronic absenteeism may lead to expulsion of the student.

ü  Students are expected to report to school at 7.00 a.m. and leave at 5.00 p.m.  The student is expected to observe punctuality and must attend all the lessons.  Bells must be obeyed at all times. Failure to this the student will be punished.



ü  Punishment will be administered with reference to the offence committed.

ü  Malicious damage of property will be charged.

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